MdL Project & Construction Management

MdL Engineering offers Project & Construction Management services in the Real Estate sector for residential developments, hotels, offices and logistics.

Project Management

After having identified with customers the needs, requirements and objectives to be achieved, our team works along and supports them by carrying out the following activities:
  • Timing and cost scheduling
  • Partner identification and management
  • Support to the investor in identifying the most satisfactory project in terms of quality, costs and construction timing
  • Support to the customers in the contracting and authorization process
  • Designer and general contractor management and coordination
  • Risk management
  • Support in the tender phases and cost control before and during the works
  • Drafting of operational and coordination reports
  • Test&Commissioning and final handover

Construction Management

Our team is specialized in the supervision and control of construction site activities alongside the Works Manager (Direzione Lavori) and, thanks to the extensive on-site experience, it is able to best perform the following activities:
  • Works monitoring and coordination
  • Timing verification and control
  • Support to the general contractor and construction manager for updating the timetable
  • Designer and technical consultant coordination
  • Cost control and variations management
  • Quality control
  • Value engineering
  • Drafting of construction site reports

Sales support

The close collaboration with the customers’ team also entails a strong synergy with those involved in marketing and selling. The main activities aimed at satisfying end users are as follows:
  • Support to the sales team in the creation of commercial materials
  • Support to brokers in the negotiation phase for the sale/lease of real estate units
  • Implementation of any variations requested by tenants or buyers and completion coordination
  • Cost control for customers’ variations and related cost management
  • Construction site inspections with tenants or buyers
  • Pilotage
  • On-site checks
  • Interfacing with any consultants of the tenants or buyers
  • Drafting and delivery of reports to investor and end user

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We work side by side with our customers, helping to create a close-knit and efficient team until the shared goal is achieved.

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